Acupuncture and Psychotherapy

Body Focused Psychotherapy

This is a way of working that comes out of twenty years experience of helping people using Chinese medicine and the body-focus that is part of my psychotherapy.  The techniques I use are from Gestalt bodywork and the somatic education / formative psychology of Stanley Keleman. The combination of a talking therapy and body/energy work are complementary.  A change in thinking is often required to permit integration of interventions made at the physical level.  A treatment with a body worker stimulates change in our posture and our energetic self.  However, we are constantly stimulating ourselves towards a habitual form.  If we can develop awareness of how we do this then we can make new choices and have a different experience of ourselves and our world.  This promotes growth towards autonomy and self reliance.

About this way of working

JumpingThe combination of my bodywork and psychotherapeutic skills makes a powerful synthesis for facilitating awareness within my clients bringing the possibility of new choices.  Many physical and emotional problems are resolved by exploration of the bodymind integrity.

Working with me involves an initial consultation in which we create a holistic picture of how the client is in their self and the way this relates to the issues they wish to work on.  The work focuses on stimulating change in a unified way on the levels of thinking, body-shape and energetic pulsation.

Referrals for this way of working

I frequently take referrals from other health professionals and complementary therapists.  I find my approach can work with people for whom treatments do not seem to hold or who do not sustain progress.  By working in a different way such clients can develop the awareness necessary to change this picture.